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  • Proclaim the Good News of God’s grace for salvation through Jesus Christ
  • Help develop local fellowships where First Nations people feel they can belong
  • Invite Christ-followers to a meaningful commitment to such a local church
  • Encourage, equip, and mobilize those individuals to maturity in faith and in exercising their God-given gifts
  • Demonstrate an observable, practical, and relevant Christian lifestyle
  • Provide resources for wholeness and healing of emotional pain, dysfunctions, and grief
  • Stimulate development and restoration of healthy marriages and families
  • Challenge youth to purposeful living and a hopeful future
  • Model a style of leadership that freely serves for the good of others, insists on transparent integrity, and demonstrates commitment to Jesus as Lord
  • Respect and encourage those aspects of our cultures that are consistent with Scripture’s teaching and values
    Encourage peace among our peoples, justice for the oppressed, financial freedom and productive employment