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Cells or Pebbles?

By Merle Nisly, LHNM CEO When we believers gather, we celebrate the community of Jesus followers. The creative, spontaneous, and organic life of believers in community is an amazing gift from God. To be connected, to be immersed in fellowship with others in the community is much like the inter-relatedness of the cells in our bodies. It is of great significance that the scriptures describe th...
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Can Anyone Feel the Love?

Merle Nisly, CEO An indigenous elder once said to me, "I can see you love my people." That was one of the greatest affirmations I have ever received. Though not every encounter of my ministry life would have inspired the same comment, this was an important experience. It felt important because that is a part of what Jesus said is important. This elder never did make an obvious choice to be a foll...
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Merry Christmas, Friends of LHNM! Our year has contained so much joy and the blessing of family relationships. We have been privileged to travel and see our four daughters, their husbands and their children. This is the greatest joy of our lives, at this stage. At the same time, we are painfully aware of the testing and struggles of some of our family members and some very close friends....
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Renewing Relationships

Merle Nisly, LHNM I’m privileged to visit many different First Nation communities in this area. After living in this area for more than 40 years, I am often asked by community residents about people who have previously served and lived among these same people and communities. Sometimes I know the current whereabouts of those people from the past, and sometimes I don’t. I also try to perceiv...
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Honouring and Reconciling

Very recently, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada released its final report on the effects of Canada's history of the residential school era. This report, exceeding 380 pages, is entitled "Honouring the Truth, Reconciling for the Future." The summary report seeks to describe the general views and goals of the dominant society during this era, and the effects of these political p...
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All Things to All People

Merle Nisly, LHNM CEO Yesterday, as I was talking to an Aboriginal person he referred to a Caucasian friend as his "cousin." He said it with a smile, thereby indicating that he feels a genuine kinship with his non-relative who happens to be a former foreigner to this area. Such language speaks powerfully of the value of relationships-quality relationships. It had nothing to do with biologic...
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